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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> it's an unfortunate event for our community, but i'm definitely excited to see everybody in their black and gold. >> reporter: officials decided to go ahead with basketball at both schools tonight with increased security. the injured students are recovering. one victim's instagram account shares the news he is doing well getting stronger daily. neither they nor their families are talking. wusa9 will not identify them because they're juveniles. police are investigating the possibility gang activity is behind the attack. school attendance at both schools today was over 90% with no incidents and students who say they are frederick strong. >> i think we'll be good, safe. nothing will happen. >> i'm excited to go. i'm a cheerleader, so i need to be there. >> reporter: the game here at frederick high school against linganore goes off at 7 p.m. a big crowd is expected here and at thomas johnson.
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at 6:00 we'll talk to the basketball coach here at frederick high school, his thoughts on how his players are exercising leadership and showing the school how to rebound even as police continue to hunt for the shooters that struck here wednesday night. scott broom, wusa9. >> wusa9 reporter mola lenghi will be out at frederick high school tonight. right now prince george's county homicide detectives are investigating the death of a woman in adelphi. police were asked to check on the woman's welfare this morning. the call took them to an apartment building along the 9200 block of edward's way. they found a woman unresponsive suffering from upper body trauma pronounced dead a short time later. police have not released her name and say at this point they have no suspects and no motive. right now isis is claiming that an american hostage it was holding in syria, kayla mueller, has been killed by a jordanian airstrike, but national security advisor susan rice says the u.s. does not have any evidence to verify
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that isis claim. >> we're obviously very concerned about the reports that have come in in recent hours. we do not at the present have any evidence to corroborate isil's claims, but obviously we'll keep reviewing the information at hand. >> jordan also says it is skeptical of isis' claim. kayla mur elleis an arizona native. her family says she's been doing humanitarian work overseas and was taken captive last august in aleppo, syria, while leaving a hospital operated by the group doctors without borders. a d.c. teacher accused of fondling a student is out of jail but still facing child sex abuse charges. leroy ware allegedly admitted to investigators he put his hands down the pants of a 4th grader in northeast. the 9-year-old alleged his special ed teacher touched him
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twice inappropriately. the principal of minor sent a letter home to parents. ware ducked cameras and declined to speak coming out of the story. bruce leshan will have more at 6:00. a woman on life support after being tased by fairfax county sheriff's deputies. she was a jail prisoner on her way to alexandria. on january 26th a fairfax county police officer arrested her on a warrant from alexandria for assaulting a police officer there. then this past tuesday sheriff's deputies were attempting to take her to alexandria when they had to tase her. captain tyler cory said she would not comply with orders and physically resisted. >> she was very combative and not willing to be properly secured and prepared for the transport. we did end up deploying a taser device. at that point she did cooperate and was compliant.
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she was checked by our medical section, cleared medically. sometime between that taser incident and the transport itself which is minutes that' latched. >> -- elapsed. >> a few minutes elapsed. deputies did administer care and emergency crews were called and she was taken to a local hospital. there's major developments in the case of a man shot and killed by a fairfax county police officer. peggy fox will have that story at 6:00. police need your help to find more than two dozen additional male victims of the so-called beer pong rapist. 40-year-old joey poindexter took videos of his assaults spanning the past 10 years and it is very possible those men may not even know what happened to them. debra alfarone reports from mooney's pub in college park where poindexter was known to go. >> reporter: if you met 40- year-old joey poindexter at this bar across the street or
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any other beer pong tournament across the country, police want you to watch this report. it took atom of police officers to help -- a team of police officers to help convict poindexter of sexually assaulting five men and they say he's assaulted many, many more. now meet two montgomery county police officers who worked on this day and night. >> it was months of coming through video that was frankly the most disturbing evidence i've ever come across. >> reporter: evidence that was the key to convicting the so- called beer pong rapist of sexually assaulting five men. corporal dave marshall of the montgomery county police department said it all started when 1 victim spoke up in 2013. >> we had him place a recorded phone call from our office to the suspect. >> if it makes you feel any better, i don't have [ bleep ] aids. >> reporter: police moved in and arrested 40-year-old joey poindexter for sexually assaulting that victim. >> to say it was an aha moment is an understatement.
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it's a sinking feeling in your stomach. >> reporter: this detective searched poindexter's phone and hard drive and found dozens of videos of the beer pong enenthusiasts raping male victims, some a decade ago, but who were they? >> we went to looney's on a beer pong night. he was popular in that environment. everybody knew him. >> reporter: in fact, this is surveillance video of poindexter leaving looney's pub in college park with the victim who came forward clearly incapacitated. it took months of investigation. some video didn't show faces, then the wrenching task of telling these men they had been rape. >> some of them just wanted it to go away and pretend it never happened and others wanted justice. >> reporter: sadly this is not over. >> we will respect the victims' privacy the best we can, but we still know there's over two dozen other victims. >> we believe that there may be
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victims throughout the country. >> reporter: that's because poindexter traveled across the country to go to beer pong tournaments. if you lung out with him, drank -- hung out with him, drank with him and passed out in his company, 240-773-6122 is the direct number to call. jesse matthew's trial in fairfax county has been delayed. matthew is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2005. that trial was set for march. no new date has been set. matthew is also accused of abducting uva student hannah graham. a health alert from the university of maryland tonight. they are dealing with many flu cases now. in a memo to faculty and staff david mcbride is asking people sick to stay away from campus and also asking teachers allow flexibility for students who need to stay home because of the flu. a young washington capital fan has been in critical condition since a sledding accident left him in a coma
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last wednesday. the team immediately rallied behind the boy and his family. word has been spreading on twitter with the #prayforbman. surae chinn is live at the verizon center. >> reporter: the puck drops later tonight and you know the family will be watching in the hospital. benston's uncles sat in icu last week and decided to put this twitter campaign together, pray for b man. they didn't use twitter before or hardly ever. now they are believers in the power of their social media and their special nephew and this nephew is making small progress daily. >> from that moment it was really like all we could think about. we're calling a game and all we can think about is this young boy. >> reporter: wes johnson, the capitals announcer, is using his voice to spread support for 6-year-old benston shone and it's working. caps player tom wilson tweets after tuesday's win verizon was rocking, now time to pray for b
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man. caps players are not the only ones tweeting. nationals baseball star bryce harper sends his well wishes. the tweets come from across the globe. the little boy's uncle tweets ice hockey player tom wilson before a caps game. b man is fighting with you. benson is pictured wear -- benston is pictured wearing a caps wristband in icu. >> the toughest thing you can imagine is something like that happening to any child. >> reporter: the family has been updating the boy's condition on benston started opening his eyes and moving his fingers it says and when wes johnson brought ovie's game stick from his mvp season to the hospital yesterday, something amazing happened. >> and his eyes were looking over towards it and back. every day a little bit more. these brought ovie and the caps some luck. let's see if some of the vibes will work for benston and ever since then we've had players, ted leonsis put out a call for
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prayer on his blog. >> reporter: it all began when a team's blog russian machine never breaks posted his story. word spread quickly of the boy's tragedy of sledding down a driveway and was hit by a passing car. >> hey, benston, we're all thinking about you here. >> reporter: johnson, who unleashes the fury at caps games produces this video for benston. >> he's the one doing the real fighting. the roles are reversed. he used to cheer for the caps. now we're cheering for him. >> reporter: we hope benston is listening. we have no. 43 here, tom wilson, to say hello. tell me why did you get involved? >> it's pretty crazy what twitter can do these days. we just want him to know and the family to know all the guys inside the locker room are really pulling for him and we're aware what's going on. he seems like a great kid and hopefully he can win his fight
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and pull through. >> reporter: what do you want to say to him if he's listening? >> just to keep fighting. it's awesome. every given night we're playing for him and there's a couple guys that have kind of been aware of what's going on. we just want him to know we're playing for him. it's pretty sad to see that happen to a kid. we all had great childhoods. hopefully he can pull through here and continue on as an everyday kid. >> reporter: thanks, tom, and best of luck for you tonight. the family is so thankful and say they are so touched by all the responses they've received. >> i know we're all praying for him here as well. if b man is watching, we're pulling for you. stay strong. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a fairfax county health worker responded to the low measles vaccination numbers in some of the schools there, that story coming up at 5:30. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we're looking at a very nice finish to the week. you think it's warmer today?
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it is. we're 8 degrees warmer in d.c. than 24 hours ago, 13 degrees warmer in pittsburgh and cumberland. that's coming our way. we'll talk about how mild it will be over the weekend. >> plus how president obama said the u.s. should handle the global crisis. i'm going to talk with face the nation host bob schieffer. >> right after the break some frightening moments after a bomb scare near an alexandria
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a bomb threat cleared alexandria this morning. investigators and bomb sniffing dogs searched building. after they failed to find any explosives everyone was allowed back inside. look at this mess left behind after a car crashed into a hydrant. this was this morning on
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veerling drive near notley road and you can see what's left. after being closed for some time the area is now open to drivers. a new document from president obama declares the u.s. must not overreach with problems around the globe. the president also says the u.s. will continue to shift away from ground wars and focus more on specific counter terrorism operations. joining us now with more is face the nation host bob schieffer. thanks for joining us. first i want to know what you make of the president's statement because this week was a real game changer with jordan stepping up its attacks and support seems to be building here at home with congress for more force. >> i think we have seen a real change in the attitude especially in jordan. you know, jordanians were very worried about participating in these airstrikes. they'd been urging the government, in fact, not to take part. since then there have been demonstrations on the street. i think people in jordan are reacting much the same way that
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americans did after 9/11. i suppose if there's any good news in this week of absolutely horrible news, that would be it. i think this killing, this horrendous thing, burning this man alive that isis tried to pull off this week has backfired and i think it is going to make a difference. we're going to have our people, holly williams, our correspondent who has been in iraq all week just 4 miles from the front lines with isis will be with us sunday for the latest in and charlie daggett, our correspondent in jordan, he will be there with the latest on the public move there. jan, one other thing we're going to talk about on sunday is this measles epidemic. dr. anthony fauci, director of national institutes for allergy and infectious diseases will be
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with us. we want to talk to him about is there a real danger of a nationwide epidemic here. this thing is very serious. >> good to see you. january was another big month for job growth. the labor department says 257,000 jobs were created, but the unemployment rate is up from 5.6% to 5.7 and that means people are still looking for work, but there is some good news when it comes to paychecks. wages climbed in january by the largest amount since 2008. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> he apparently didn't get the memo. >> but he got photo bombed. go to twitter, folks, check it out. >> i've been tenaciously looking at the weather maps looking for a snowstorm.
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let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperature 38, dew points single digits. remember this time yesterday they were below 0, so a pretty darn dry air mass. winds turned south, southwesterly at 8. granted that's a warmer wind. right now we'll say lows in the 20s tonight and watch the dew point because last night at 11:00 i had to adjust the lows down. we went 8 to 18, could be sprinkling of teens, but generally about 10 degrees high are. right now 34 in garrett -- higher. right now 34 in gaithersburg, 37 in fredericksburg, 39 in culpeper and la plata. you still need a coat tonight. milder this weekend. make some plans, take a walk on the canal, bike ride. this is kind of nice. we're talking 50 on saturday, near 60 on sunday. light rain returns on monday,
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but it's still mild. all the arctic air is staying to the north. you probably would be wise to bring an umbrella as you head out the door on monday. futurecast 28 tonight in gaithersburg and frederick, a few clouds overnight into the morning. this may be a wee bit overdone on futurecast, but by 7:00 it's 30 downtown and everybody else mid- to upper 20s, 26 in leesburg, manassas, 25 in culpeper and hagerstown and cumberland. by 10:00 in the morning we're rebounding pretty nicely, back in the 30s to near 40 downtown and then by 2:30 it's 51 in culpeper, 49 in manassas, 47 in frederick. maybe folks north of town will not make 50 tomorrow, but still a pretty nice saturday. by saturday night 10:30, want to go out, even warmer tomorrow night. lows in the 30 tomorrow night,
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307 at 10:30 in gaithersburg, lees -- 37 at 10:30 in gaithersburg, leesburg and manassas. right now partly cloudy, not as cold, winds southwest at 10, 28 downtown, 24 rockville, 22 in leesburg, low 20s in olney and laytonsville, 25 college park, 24 bowie, 29 in annapolis. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, cold start 20s and 30s and nice finish by afternoon, partly cloudy, milder, quite pleasant, high temperatures around 50, winds southwest at 10. break it down for you, 30 at 7:00, 35 at 9:00. we're at 42 by 11:00 and 47 under partly cloudy skies at 1:00, not bad. sunday even better, milder, 57. clouds come in late, holding rain off until monday, not a huge event, still in the low 50s monday with light rain and showers. next seven days pleasant on tuesday, upper 40s, low 50 o's
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wednesday. we do see arctic air -- 50s on wednesday. we do see arctic air returning on thursday, friday in the low 20s for highs. we'll sit in with a local band keeping their fingers crossed to win best album gold. meet the members of dirty kitchen before they walk down the red carpet tonight at 11:00. >> they are amazing. you'll love them. >> salons and j.c. penney's are getting a makeover with help from a popular magazine. >> plus what's behind the sudden spike in gas prices? we'll tell you in tonight's consumer alert. >> after the break a new app designed to
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others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta.
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it's kind of like having an extra parent in the car. researchers at university of minimum anyone created a new smartphone -- minnesota created a new smartphone app to keep teen drivers safe on the road. if the young drivers don't comply with the rules of the road, a text message is sent to their parents. >> parents who stay involved in the management of their teen's driving and really want to know what's happening when they're behind the wheel can reduce their rates of crashes.
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>> the smartphone app is not available just yet. in tonight's consumer alert stocks closed lower at the closing bell of wall street, but it was still one of the best weeks in several months for the market. the dow was down 60 points, the nasdaq dropping 20 points. after dropping for a record 123 weeks gas prices are on the rise. analysts say the price bump is normal this time of year because this is the maintenance season for refineries. aaa mid-atlantic says the national average for a gallon of regular gas is $2.15. in the washington region the price is $2.16 and that's an 11- cent increase from last week. j.c. penney is partnering with the celebrity fashion magazine in style to give its hair salons a bit of a makeover. the retailer says the revamp on its 850 salons is to attract younger customers. j.c. penney is already the largest
5:26 pm
operator of salons sharing one brand name. that? >> did not. if you're planning to walk down the aisle and want to do it casually, j crew is ready to dress you and your wedding party. the specialty retailer has come out with a bridal line that includes a pair of dressy sequin shorts for $450 to pair with a matching razorback tank for $450. >> less than you'd pay for a dress. >> well, not mine. a family is in big trouble accused of fake kidnapping their own 6-year-old, the unbelievable story of where they did it straight ahead. >> plus nbc anchor brian williams may have made up another story. we'll tell you what he's accused of saying this time. >> a fairfax count thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running.
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the vaccination rates in fairfax county are the lowest in our area and last year there was a measles case at one of their schools. however, a local doctor says the measles vaccination rates in that county are still high enough to keep a low risk of an outbreak especially compared to other regions across the country. across the nation there have been at least 150 measles cases. they span 14 states and here in the district. unvaccinated children and staff at this daycare near chicago have been told to stay home three weeks. five babies at the kinder care learning center have been diagnosed with the measles. >> it's insane. i feel sorry for parents with
5:30 pm
sick kids. >> reporter: two of the five cases are concerned and up to 10 more kids may have been exposed. babies up to 12 months are especially vulnerable because they're too young to get the vaccine. >> if you do not have evidence or do not know if you've had the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, you have to get the vaccine. >> reporter: some are convinced the vaccine will do great harm. doctors say otherwise. >> we have good date at vaccines are safe and effective. >> reporter: fairfax county has the lowest overall vaccination rate at 87%. >> it is a little disturbing people have decided not to vaccinate. >> measles was officially declared eliminated in the u.s. after the year 2000, but last year the nation had its highest number of measles cases in two decades. congressman alan nunoli has died. he had undergone brain surgery
5:31 pm
last june and been in and out of rehab hospitals the past several months. the mississippi governor called him the best man he has ever known. new information on what might have brought down the transasia flight in taiwan. dashcam video recorded the crash earlier this week. investigators say a review of the plane's flight data recorders show both engines failed to provide thrust to the propellers after takeoff. 15 of the 58 passengers survived that crash. crews are still searching for the missing travelers. today nbc news says it will launch an internal investigation into the brian williams scandal. the latest comes from the new orleans advocate which reports williams' story about covering hurricane katrina might not be entirely accurate in. a 2006 interview williams told former disney ceo michael eisner he witnessed a body floating through the french quarter. the problem according to the former new orleans health director is the french quarter
5:32 pm
was largely dry and there were no bodies there. williams came under fire after changing the facts of an iraq war story he covered in 2003 and as jeff glor explains, williams is now fighting for his reputation. >> please welcome command sergeant major tim turpack and brian williams. >> reporter: last friday night it was a tribute to a soldier who brian williams credits with saving his life in an invasion in iraq. >> when the helicopter we were in was force down. our traveling nbc news team was rescued and surrounded and kept arrived by a platoon from the u.s. army 3rd infantry. >> reporter: very quickly williams tale was disputed by soldiers themselves, one of them david luke who took part in the mission. >> if somebody on the outside wants tomorrow bellish what they did or didn't do, we know what really -- to old -- to
5:33 pm
embellish who he did or didn't do, we know really what happened. >> i was instead in a following aircraft. >> reporter: this is how williams originally reported the incident in 2003. >> the chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky. that hole was made by a rocket propelled grenade. >> reporter: the media editor at the new york times. >> at his core of brian williams is a journalist and he's supposed to report the truth. now he's come out and said that for years he's been telling a story that was essentially false and that really deals a blow to his credibility before the viewing public. >> reporter: jeff glor, cbs news, new york. pope francis is making headlines again after saying it's okay for parents to spank their kids as long as it's done with dignity. speaking at an event at the vatican, the pontiff said that a father knows how to correct without degrading. he needs to punish them, does it justly and moves on. this mother of two doesn't disagree with him.
5:34 pm
>> a lot of kids nowadays lack discipline and if it's necessary, i mean nothing too out of control, but i don't think it's wrong. >> 1 pediatrician suggests that there are better ways to discipline like discussing that behavior, having some positive reenforcement and limited use of timeouts. experts also suggest sometimes it's the parents that need a timeout to think about the most effective punishment before spanking. doctors who are caring for bobbi kristina brown say they do not see hope for a change in her condition. family members urge people to remain optimistic. brown is being treated at emery hospital in atlanta after being found unresponsive in a bath it un. members of her familiar got into some -- bathtub. members of her family got into some sort of fight. cops are still trying to sort it out. a mother is behind bars after staging a kidnapping of heron some.
5:35 pm
>> this starts in missouri. -- per own son. >> this starts in missouri. police say the mother and grandmother reportedly got a friend to kidnap the 6-year-old when he got off a school bus outside st. louis. police say there were threats. the boy was tied up, blindfolded and told he was going to be sold into the sex slave trade, all this because his relatives thought he was too nice and needed a shock lesson on the dangers of the world. >> they have no idea what they've done is outside the boundaries of the law. knowing what this young man went through and that his parents did it to him, there's no excuse for that. >> family members told investigators their goal was to educate the boy about so-called stranger danger. he's now in protective custody and those bogus kidnappers are in jail. today is national wear red day putting the spotlight on women's heart health. heart disease is the number 1 killer for both men and women.
5:36 pm
experts want you to keep a few tips in mind. get your numbers. know your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. own your lifestyle. be active and eat healthy. raise your voice. promote an active lifestyle and donate. show your support with time or money. >> the importance of all these tips is to lower your risk of coronary disease which is the development of blockages in the arteries that feed the heart muscle. >> smoking interest a major risk factor. according to the american heart association, nearly 800,000 americans die year from cardiovascular disease. a d.c. special education teacher is in trouble tonight facing child sex abuse charges, that story coming up at 6:00. >> a husband forced to choose between his wife and newborn baby, why it was a
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this next story is blowing up on social media today. a father is forced to make an agonizing choice between his wife and his child with downs syndrome. >> the wife quickly abandoned her baby after giving birth in armenia on
5:40 pm
january 21st. she was apparently worried the child's condition would bring shame to her family. the wife threw down the ultimatum to her husband. it was her or the baby. the husband handed over the divorce papers a week later. a gofundme page has raised over $300,000 for dad and baby already. good for that dad. >> absolutely. how about some happy news, jan, please. >> a happy update on the detroit man whose work commute includes 21-miles on foot. >> a ford dealership has donated a loaded 2015 taurus to jail robertson. the dealership's marching -- james robertson. the dealership's manager said there is no one more deserving of the car than robertson. plus the gofundme page for robertson that was started by a college student has now reached over $300,000. if you're going to build your own drone, might as well go all out. >> that's right. >> the star wars fan created this millennium falcon quadcopter. it's a little harder to fly
5:41 pm
than other drones. i guess a small tradeoff if you're a star wars junky. >> gee, jan, do you spend your time flying drones? >> i wish i could. it's pretty cool. i think it would be fun. in sports to this day it remains one of the most significant games in high school basketball history. dave owens recaps a magical night at coles na rrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through
5:42 pm
public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already.
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new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. canada's highest court has unanimously struck down a ban on doctor suicides. the parliament has a year to draft new legislation that would allow medically suffering adults to end their own lives. conservatives are lashing out at president obama for comparing the actions of isis to those of christian crusaders. obama made the comment at yesterday's prayer breakfast. the president said the acts of isis do not represent beliefs of peaceful muslims around the world. the recording academy has given the grammy nod to a local reggae group called soja. their album amid the noise and haste is nominated for best reggae album. they were formed in 1997 in
5:45 pm
arlington and i recently caught up with four band members before they left for the grammys. ♪ i'm not shallow ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in a small basement studio i listens to four members of soja perform the song shadow. jacob pinkfield is guitar and lead vocal list. bobby lee on bass and trevor young on man dough lynn. soja is -- mandolin. soja's album amid the noise and haste says all the answers are within us. >> the title comes from a poem that basically says amid the noise and haste there's beauty in the silence. so everything around us is going crazy and if we're smart, we will hone in on the beautiful things and good things and the love and compassion and helping one
5:46 pm
another. we're all focused too much on the accumulation and competition. ♪ it's easier ♪ ♪ >> reporter: you want us to be more mindful. >> i just want us to be honest. i like music that's true. >> reporter: rolling stone says soja's amid the noise and hate will likely win friends, influence people and make this country a better place and if it wins a grammy, too well, that would be some cool stuff, too, says soja, but for this group it's their message more than the accolades that matters. >> love their music. is in soja's first grammy nomination. they're up against five others for best reggae album including ziggy marley, son of the late bob marley who some consider the godfather of reggae. here to talk more about the
5:47 pm
upcoming grammy awards airing here on wusa9 is tommy mcsly with fresh fn. women come to wusa9. >> thank you. >> you and i will host this preview saturday night. as you know, the grammys are all about surprises, so what are you hearing on that front? >> everyone from paul mccartney to kanye west will perform and they get them together in different fun collaborations so you never know. they announced today gwyneth paltrow will present. i personally started a rumor adele is performing. i have no basis for that, but if you say it loud enough and long enough, maybe she'll get up and do a little diddy. you never know. >> we'll be hosting this tomorrow night at 7:30. we'll talk more with soja another virginia band, frank sullivan and dirty kitchens. we've got all the grammys 411,
5:48 pm
the fashion, behind the scenes excitement tomorrow night here on the wusa9 at 7:30 and make sure you catch the big show sunday night right here on channel 9. it starts at 8:00. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures reasonable this time of year, 38, dew points still low. we'll watch this overnight. i think between the southwest wind and cloud cover temps will be about 10 degrees above yesterday. 9 at dulles this morning, 38 downtown now, 37 in frederick, 36 in leesburg, 37 in manassas. no wind chills to worry about tonight. if you are going out, it's still cold, need a coat. it is february. milder over the weekend. make your outdoor plans. haven't said that in a while. around 50 tomorrow, near 60
5:49 pm
sunday. sunday will be the warmer of the two days. grab the umbrella before you head out monday, just light rain and showers, but still mild monday. the arctic air is well north of us. futurecast 10:00 tonight upper 20s across the board. these numbers may be a little high. 32 downtown. by morning a few clouds roll through, nothing crazy, 26 in leesburg, also manassas. this is 7:00 on the futurecast. even down to the south 27 in fredericksburg and 26 in la plata. sunshine returns by 10:00, upper 30s to almost 40 downtown, 40 toward luray. look at this, oakland 34 at 10:00. everybody will be milder over the weekend, no doubt. by 2:30 temperatures upper 40 to near 50, maybe 51 in culpeper. 7:00 tomorrow night another 10 degrees we gain, lows in the 30s. by 11:00 tomorrow looking at 37
5:50 pm
in leesburg, 35 in manassas, 37 in la plata, still 40 in fredericksburg. most folks stay above freezing tomorrow night which is a little bit of unusual in early february. tonight partly cloudy, not as cold, low temps in the 20s, winds southwesterly at 10. a cold start tomorrow morning, a milder day, 20s and 30s, winds south, southwest at 10. 50 downtown, probably 40s north and west, 49 for a high in rockville, fairfax and sterling, 48 towards leesburg. break it down on the day planner. 20s to start, 30 by 7:00, 35 by 9:00, low 40s by 11:00, upper 40s with sunshine by 1 p.m. still nice sunday. our clouds come in at night, 57. i think some folks could even touch 60. maybe fredericksburg could hit 60 sunday.
5:51 pm
light rain and showers monday. we have not issued a yellow alert, high temperatures low 50s. next seven days pleasant on tuesday, upper 40s, even better wednesday, low 50s. we don't see any snowstorms, but we do see arctic air in the next seven days, temperatures steady thursday and falling, 28, sunshine friday, in the deep freeze, highs in the low 20s. dematha sits atop the current high school basketball rankings, no surprise. the stags round ball reputation well documented. that success is also rooted in an event which occurred 50 years ago. this week high school profile takes a stroll down memory lane. player is graying. movement now requires a little assistance. these are the legendary men of dematha basketball. >> get a chance to see some kid haven't seen in 45 years. >> reporter: the house that morton wooten built is inundated with championship symbols, but the seeds were
5:52 pm
planted during an era when video was black and white. 50 years ago the stags faced new york's power memorial in one of the greatest games in basketball history. >> the greatest player of his time. >> reporter: wooten is talking about lou al sindor, the towering teenager who would later become known as kareem abdul-jabbar. dematha's reputation was in its infancy. the game, however, played at maryland's fieldhouse in front of 7,000 raucous fans provided a perfect setting for an upset. holding him to 16 points, the waning moments provided great theater. >> i know there was about two minutes to go. the announcer filmed on the p.a. system and said ladies and gentlemen, irregardless of who wins this game, i think you'll agree you're watching the two greatest high school teams in america. >> reporter: when the smoke
5:53 pm
cleared, dematha prevailed 46- 43. powers 71 game winning streak died. the stags' national reputation was born. as players gathered for last friday's 50th anniversary, the comradery rushed back. so did the memories. >> it's just simply a huge transcending moment in time. >> kareem was 7' 1 in high school. to get ready for him he had his players walk around with tennis rackets so they could replicate him blocking their shot so they could get used to shooting over the arc of a guy with the arms that long. those guys weren't that long. you're 60' 5, you got to use a -- 6' 5, you got to use a tennis racquet to replicate 7' 1. it worked. at 6:00 see how a former cia agent is using his talent to help improve lives of people with facial injuries. >> reporter: the government says signing up for insurance
5:54 pm
under the affordable care act is easier this time around. i'm craig boswell in washington with more on the website progress and
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there is just over a week left in the open enrollment period to sign up for healthcare coverage as mandated under the affordable care act. >> officials are hoping people sign up of waiting until the last minute. >> reporter: phyllis cumberlander needs help signing
5:57 pm
up with health insurance. >> a little better than before i left home. i should say a lot better. >> reporter: cumberlander is relieved she'll soon be able to see a doctor for a nagging sinus infection. >> i can't afford to go to the doctor without insurance. >> reporter: this is the second year for sign-ups urge the affordable care act and the deadline is sunday -- under the act acts and the deadline is sunday. >> we've enrolled over 5 million people. i think it shows us there's a real need for affordable health insurance. >> reporter: this is the new ceo for the federal healthcare website. he says people haven't forgotten 20 their teen's disastrous launch. >> the site is -- 20 their teen's disastrous launch. >> the site is not the issue. the issue is making sure people don't wait until the last minute. but not everyone is happy with the results. the only plan this hairdresser can afford comes with the high
5:58 pm
deductible. >> he still have the $5,000 to pay before the insurance will kick in. >> reporter: those who miss the february 15th deadline will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to get insurance and will have to pay a fine if they don't have coverage. >> people who fail to get healthcare coverage, could face a fine of $325 or 2% of their year income, whichever is higher. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. a d.c. elementary schoolteacher is just out of jail tonight but still facing two counts of child sex abuse. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. investigators say leroy ware admits he fondled one of his own 4th graders and investigators are trying to figure out if there are more victims. bruce leshan is live with the latest. >> reporter: the judge let
5:59 pm
this teacher walk out with simply a promise to turn for the his next hearing. his student, a little 9-year- old boy, had gone to his mom late last month to say that his special ed teacher had touched his private parts. leroy ware clearly did not want his face on tv. he turned around and rushed back into the courthouse as soon as he saw our camera, but ware has dozens of photos on his facebook page where he poses with a number of d.c. politicians and talks about attending prestigious yale university. ware is a special ed teacher at minor elementary in northeast d.c. in court papers investigators say the 9-year- old boy's mother complained to the school late january and within days the boy told child advocates that ware had touched his bottom and his penis two separate times. investigators say when they
6:00 pm
interviewed the 33-year-old teacher, he claimed he was trying to pull the 9-year-old's own hands out of his pants while he was in a computer lab and that he touched the boy's genitals in an effort to correct the behavior but also in a partially playful manner. the principal at minor sent home a letter to parents saying she was deeply upset and shocked and concerned about the allegations. she says the safety of students is always paramount. entered not guilty pleas to both counts of misdemeanor child sex abuse. he is due back here in court next month and in the meantime the judge ordered him to stay away from this 9-year-old boy. in fact, the judge ordered him to stay away from any children under 16. so clearly he is not


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